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asthma handTHE Telethon Institute for Child Health Research in Perth is currently participating in the world-first development of an asthma vaccine, after finding mounting evidence the disease’s establishment appears to be consequential of viral respiratory infections.

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VolcanoA TEAM of Perth researchers is causing a major rethink on geological history after a study showed major iron formations in Australia, about 1.8 billion to 1.9 billion years old, were synchronous with those found in North America.

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Fringing reefsMARINE biologist Dr Barry Wilson has proposed a theory to explain the formation of the Kimberley’s fringing coral reefs.

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neural stemcellsPATIENTS suffering from spinal cord injury may soon find help in the form of stem cells drawn from their own bone marrow, thanks to a research project from the University of Western Australia.

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Curtin IDCHEALTH and refugee groups continue to await the Commonwealth Ombudsman’s investigation into detainee self-harm, originally expected in April 2012.

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Maannga treeTHE berries of Grevillea pyramidalis ssp. Leucadendron have caused severe skin burns to children in remote Aboriginal communities.

sleep parkinsonsAN Edith Cowan University PhD student expects research to demonstrate a relationship between Parkinson’s disease and sleeping poorly.

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coal powerplantA WESTERN Australian expert on retaining carbon in the soil in the agriculture sector has been appointed to a national committee to advise on the carbon offsets scheme.

occupational cancerRESEARCHERS from the Western Australian Institute for Medical Research (WAIMR) are conducting a comprehensive nationwide study into the prevalence of occupational exposure to carcinogens and the occurrence occupational cancer in Australia.

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hand hygineTHE average WA hospital keeps hand hygiene practices above the statewide benchmark for the first time, however several regional hospitals have recorded below average compliance levels.

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