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EDMEDICAL researchers have found that hospital emergency departments (ED) are not utilised effectively in reaching youth infected with the sexually transmitted infections (STIs) — gonorrhoea (Neisseria gonorrhoeae) and chlamydia (Chlamydia trachomatis).

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Couch potatoA NEW study has found more time spent watching television could have adverse effects on glucose homeostasis, increasing the risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

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fat babyA UNIVERSITY of Western Australia study has found birth weight and childhood adiposity are associated with cardiovascular risk later in life.

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Water hyacinthWITH its free-floating fibrous roots and rapid growth rate, the water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) is one of the most invasive aqueous weeds in Australia and, for many countries around the world, a serious environmental and economic issue.

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Breast milkOVER the next five years, medical researchers from 36 academic institutions in developed nations around the world will join forces to unravel the link between early life nutrition and later obesity-related metabolic disease.

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tooth decayRESEARCHING are urging a more cohesive approach to dental health in rural and remote WA after finding disturbing levels of tooth decay among preschoolers.

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humpback jumpTHE Western Australian government last month announced a new marine park to be established at Camden Sound off the Kimberley coast.

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insects kebabINSECTS may form a sustainable, nutritious alternative to meat in the effort to keep food production in pace with the planet’s booming population.

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BWSResearchers at Curtin University and the Centre for Health Initiatives (CHI), University of Wollongong, have sounded the alarm bell on potential health risks associated with point-of-sale (POS) alcohol advertising.

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asthma handTHE Telethon Institute for Child Health Research in Perth is currently participating in the world-first development of an asthma vaccine, after finding mounting evidence the disease’s establishment appears to be consequential of viral respiratory infections.

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