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Aboriginal kidsA CURTIN University lecturer’s research on what builds resilience in successful Aboriginal people is being implemented into Indigenous health programs.

OceanGliderOCEANIC, climate and weather data collection off the Pilbara and Kimberley coast is set to begin as the State Government invests $6 million into an ocean monitoring program over three years. 

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Gas rigA NEW process of dehydrating subsea gas without the use of toxic chemicals could pave the way for opening up previously unviable gas fields.

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droughtSCIENTISTS in the USA and Australia have revealed in a new study that there is a clear link between rising global temperatures, changing rainfall patterns and oceanic salinity levels.

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SNWA oam_lgeTWO WA scientists have been recognised for their work in the natural sciences in this year’s Queen’s birthday honours.

cattle fatteningRESEARCHERS have found that molasses supplements can be used to increase cattle liveweight that are rotationally grazing leucaena-pangola pastures in WA’s Ord River irrigation area (ORIA).

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acoustic tagRESEARCH by the Department of Fisheries WA suggests detection rates of acoustic tracking tools are significantly reduced by environmental and technical factors.

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iphone cameraVOLUNTEERS with smart phones will soon be invited to participate in a massive and continuous survey of Western Australia’s wildlife.

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Swan canningRECENT research indicates Australia may be lacking in effective regional responses to climate change adaptation, with two key case studies showing a lack of coordination among local organisations.

Freshwater crocA STUDY of Australian freshwater crocodiles (Crocodylus johnstoni) concludes food availability and protection from predation are the main considerations in habitat selection for hatchlings (<1 year old).