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Premier1 resizeIN HIS new role as Minister for Science, Premier Colin Barnett took time to brief ScienceNetwork on his vision for science in WA.

bird godwit_roebuckA UWA ecologist says most benthic macro-invertebrate populations in Roebuck Bay’s intertidal zone have decreased significantly after blooms of the toxic blue-green algae Lyngbya majuscule.

IronOre acid_drainageWA’s ChemCentre has begun a research initiative to further understand and curb Acid Mine Drainage (AMD), one of the leading environmental concerns produced by mining and development sites.

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Rockart mitchellRoo2STUDENTS at the University of Western Australia are using digital photography software to capture ancient indigenous artwork which has been painted over to help determine how art influenced early Kimberley society.

blackberryAN article by Western Australian and American environmental scientists is putting forward a new way of looking at the native versus non-native species debate and proposes species origin is no longer the best judgement tool in the ever-changing environment.

methane cowsUWA scientists are spearheading lab research on behalf of the Livestock Methane Research Cluster into ways to measure and reduce methane emissions from livestock in northern Australia.

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fossil 3dAN INTERNATIONAL research project involving a local scientist has presented the results of a study which used the first non-destructive, three dimensional method of documenting binding attachments in fossil vertebrates.

Cattle waterholeECOLOGISTS are studying the influence of cattle on the ability of flora and fauna in northern tropical floodplain waterholes to regenerate after drought.

seagrassmonitorSCIENTISTS researching light stress indicators in seagrass have gathered and analysed international research in the field to narrow-down 119 variables to 19 robust bioindicators of light stress that can be incorporated into monitoring programs. 

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ASKAPUNIVERSITIES have welcomed Premier Colin Barnett’s move to raise the profile of science within government by taking ministerial responsibility for science policy.