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HOUSES made out of soil, water and lime are becoming a viable and environmentally-friendly option for remote communities of Western Australia.

WEST Australian researchers are confident the native Australian fruit Kakadu plum could provide the most powerful antioxidant treatment yet in combating Alzheimer’s disease.

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A JOINT study about to begin, will determine whether populations of freshwater catfish in the country’s tropical and sub-tropical regions are free of the Edwardsiella ictaluri bacterium.

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A MELBOURNE-based PhD student is assessing the conservation risk for freshwater fish in the Kimberley in the belief many are in danger of extinction but are not listed as threatened.

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TWO marine biologists have found a red algae species that resembles a branching coral.

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StirlingRange creativeworkerCREATIVE workers are more likely to be drawn to live in rural locations offering diverse physical landscapes and high socio-economic and cultural settings, according to new research.

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Purple-crowned fairy-wren_Anja_SkroblinPOPULATIONS of the endangered purple-crowned fairy-wren have been found to be isolated across various sections of the Kimberley, hampering conservation efforts for the species.

Bestof2013AN ACTION packed year for science in Western Australia, we saw our Chief Scientist Lyn Beazley step down from the role, while the Premier Colin Barnett took on the Science Portfolio and opened the ‘Office of Science’.

Red Knot_RoebuckBay_Ric_ElseSCIENTISTS at the Royal Netherlands Institute of Sea Research have been sampling Roebuck Bay’s benthic marine life, as part of a larger study of migrating shorebirds.

YardieCreek caperange_stalagmitePALEOCLIMATIC reconstructions from West Australian stalagmites have demonstrated how historic climatic events still determine Australia’s current climate variability.

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