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GiwionGiwionart datingAN interdisciplinary research team will be applying a suite of complementary dating techniques to eastern Kimberley rock art sites.

pregnant RHDTHIRTY-four hospitals in Western Australia are participating in the nation’s most extensive study into rheumatic heart disease in pregnancy.

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lakeArgyleTHE CSIRO has been monitoring air quality at Lake Argyle in the Kimberley, and in Darwin and Jabiru in the Northern Territory, for 10 years.

ningalooreef seasimWA’s marine environment, researchers and the offshore oil and gas industry are set to benefit from new insights provided by a national sea simulator launched at the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) in Townsville on Thursday.

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pharmacy-PBSA COLLABORATIVE study has investigated how increases in patient co-payments to medications on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), affects medicine use in different geographical areas.

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Waterhole KimberleyAN INTER-disciplinary team has been developing a model to assess the likely ecological consequences of changing water-management practices in the central Kimberley.

WASA 2013_Logo

The winners in the 2013 WA Science Awards were announced by the Premier at an evening event on Thursday 21 November 2013.

mistletoe amyemaresizeA COMPREHENSIVE review of mistletoe species in the Kimberley has highlighted key differences in the species’ ability to re-establish after fire.

rareearthelementsRESEARCHERS and miners have collaborated to characterise rare earth element (REE) patterns and concentrations in the east Kimberley's Browns Range, producing an important model for its exploration in comparable terrains.

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DolphinSnubfinChristyHarringtonALMOST everyone has a unique dolphin story to regale if they spend time on the coast of the Dampier Peninsula where inshore dolphins regularly cavort.

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