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LNG asianenergymixRESEARCH exploring the Asia Pacific region with a Global Energy Market model (GEM) has assessed the challenges and opportunities as population, income and energy demand continue to increase.

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StaghorncoralEXTINCTION risk of Acropora species like the staghorn coral has been linked to species age, or the time since species divergence in research by the Western Australian Museum.

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eureka 3DMillWESTERN Australian scientists and researchers have excelled at the prestigious Eureka science awards announced last week in Sydney, picking up three of the major prizes.

Purplecrowned fair_wrenA REVIEW paper advocates studying the presence of wrens (Maluridae) in local landscapes to assess the ecological soundness of land management practices.

shorebirdbook MaxineCharlieYAWURU language teacher, Maxine Charlie, remembers as a child seeing large flocks of Bar-tailed Godwits flying over the foreshore of Roebuck Bay when camping with her family.

Written by Kandy Curran, Roebuck Bay Working Group Project Coordinator

1. Tom Harley in Magabala Botanical Park. IMG 3066  Kandy Curran1The new Magabala Botanical Park, that few in Broome have yet to discover, drew an enthusiastic crowd during National Science Week.

aquatic carniverousplantA LOCAL ecologist says aquatic plants in the Kimberley’s arid tropics have evolved to cope with harsh and unusual conditions.

Dugong climatemammalsCLIMATE change will threaten the survival of marine mammals according to researchers investigating the impact of rising air and sea surface temperatures on Australia’s ocean dwelling mammals.

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seacucumber fisheryRESEARCH measuring sea cucumber populations in WA’s Scott Reef fishery has suggested an improved way of estimating exploitation rates.

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GiwionGiwionart datingAN interdisciplinary research team will be applying a suite of complementary dating techniques to eastern Kimberley rock art sites.