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HOPES of using a parasite as a new biological control for cane toads (Rhinella marina) have been dashed, as it has proven fatal to one of the Kimberley's tree frog species.

POPULATIONS of endangered northern quolls and threatened golden-backed tree rats have been discovered on the offshore Kimberley island Buckle Head.

NEW Caledonian rainbow lorikeets infected with avian circovirus could act as a disease source, threatening native and endangered New Caledonian parrot populations.

A WA Museum herpetologist has described several ‘new’ Kimberley frog species, mostly collected during field trips with Kings Park botanists Matt and Russell Barrett.

A PAPER summarising a 20-year study into Ordovician-Late Devonian microfauna has revealed new histological data aiding taxonomy and palaeographic reconstructions.

A LOCAL water expert says more work needs to be done to understand the state's past atmospheric conditions to determine how climate change will affect water resources.

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ARTIFICIAL flooding may be a water-efficient way to irrigate dry landscapes but scientists warn it is not a solution for all problems and the ecological impact needs more thorough monitoring.

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LIMITED gene flow between groups of Australian snubfin and Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins in WA’s north may make them more vulnerable to the environmental impacts of coastal industrial developments. 

CHRISTMAS Island National Park staff have been working to rehabilitate orphaned Abbott’s boobies (Papasula abbotti), while continuing their usual duties.

WA RESEARCHERS believe they are first to develop a model for accurately estimating local water temperature in near real-time for marine protected areas (MPAs).

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