Aboriginal Science & Knowledge

PURPOSLEY sharpened or ‘retouched’ stone axes evolved in Australia thousands of years before they appeared in Europe according to researchers studying the south-east Asian archaeological record.

shorebirdbook MaxineCharlieYAWURU language teacher, Maxine Charlie, remembers as a child seeing large flocks of Bar-tailed Godwits flying over the foreshore of Roebuck Bay when camping with her family.

Waterhole KimberleyAN INTER-disciplinary team has been developing a model to assess the likely ecological consequences of changing water-management practices in the central Kimberley.

IndigenousSurveyA KIMBERLEY Indigenous ranger group has been training to perform scientific vegetation surveys.

Bradshawrockart KimberleyNEW research has attributed the change between particular rock art styles in the Kimberley to a climate shift thousands of years ago, which indicates the demise of a society of early humans and the emergence of their successors.

kimberley boabRESEARCHERS have been studying traditional Indigenous knowledge of ecology and weather with the Mirriwoong people of the Ord Valley and Keep River, in order to better manage the effects of climate change.

RockArt BurrupTWO Australian National University researchers have used a high-tech isotopic method to estimate the potential age of the Burrup Peninsula’s rock art, based on the rate at which the rock surface erodes.

Rockart mitchellRoo2STUDENTS at the University of Western Australia are using digital photography software to capture ancient indigenous artwork which has been painted over to help determine how art influenced early Kimberley society.

smartphone flowerTRADITIONAL owners are using a unique software program that collects environmental and cultural data to contribute to the land management and conservation of the desert rangelands areas in WA.

Skink rangelandsCSURVEYS conducted in WA’s desert areas are revealing the survival of a threatened species may be intimately connected to the patch-burning practices of traditional owners.

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