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What were 2012’s most popular articles?

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compilationWE'VE had a look back over 2012 and found the top 10 most-read news articles. The articles show a real diversity in issues.

In first place, a mathematical calculation of efficient plane boarding attracted international attention. Coral health was a standout theme, featuring in two of the top ten articles.

Another two of the top 10 articles detail health issues, one on pandemic infectious disease, and one on alcohol related violence. 

There was also a clear interest in WA’s endangered species highlighted by the turtle monitoring at Port Hedland and plight of the endemic Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo.

It’s great to see such an interest in Western Australian science from all regions—six of the top 10 articles have a large focus on science from the Mid West and northern WA.

Enjoy reading and Happy New Year from the ScienceNetwork WA team!

  1. Mathematicians suggest new way for aircraft boarding, by Rob Payne
  2. Coral growth due to warmer temperature exception not rule, by Mary-Anne Romano
  3. New Pilbara wastewater plant will recycle to public spaces and industry, by Renee Sizer
  4. WA can power world electricity 50 times over, if only for infrastructure, by Renee Sizer
  5. Aragonite calcifying corals withstand ocean acidification, by Hope Holborow
  6. Indonesian bird markets on cusp of avian flu (H5N1) outbreak, by Lizzie Thelwell
  7. Turtle monitoring program tracking well in Port Hedland, by Magdeline Lum
  8. WA microfossils date-stamped at 3.4-billion years, by Hope Holborow
  9. Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo population suffering blow after blow, by Geoff Vivian
  10. Alternative ‘Night Time Economy’ suggested to reduce alcohol related violence, by Hamish Hastie

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