Rob Payne

Rob Payne


Hails from: Toronto, Canada.
Past life: Rob has written over 100 articles for ScienceNetwork WA and has promoted WA science to local, national and international audiences through his work with Murdoch University. He is the author of five novels, editor of two anthologies of fiction and former editor of Quarry magazine in Canada.  
Favourite science: Rob has a great admiration and interest in UWA’s Oceans Institute. He believes the untapped potential of the world’s oceans is astonishing.
Loves: The arts, reading, travel.

Thursday, 25 June 2015 06:00

The nutrition behind good sperm

MALES with low sperm quality probably won’t get much help from dining on fish oil supplements and a bag of carrots, recent aquatic-based research suggests.

IF YOU’RE a new mother in Australia and aren’t feeling it in the bedroom, you’re clearly not alone.

Sunday, 07 June 2015 06:00

Zoos talk, but do people listen?

A STUDY involving 176 zoos from more than 50 countries has found zoos are missing opportunities to educate visitors about conservation and sustainability.

EXERCISE scientists from Australia and the USA are advocating a ‘whole person’ approach to understanding and developing elite athletes.

CHOOSING in vitro fertilisation (IVF) over other infertility treatments has been linked to lower rates of mental health hospitalisation for women who don’t conceive.

GENETIC testing of the bird-pollinated Grevillea georgeana (Proteaceae) on ‘terrestrial islands’ in WA has found most are so isolated that their evolution has become driven by genetic drift.

IF ANYONE ever asks ‘why did the bandicoot cross the road?’, you would never guess the answer would be ‘because the underpass was short’, but it seems local researchers have proved just that.

OLDER offenders in WA are not adequately using mental health services, according to research.

WHILE finding 30 minutes of exercise each day is preferred it seems walking for 30 minutes just three times a week is enough to boost workers’ feelings of relaxation and enthusiasm and reduces anxiety, research shows.

Friday, 24 April 2015 06:00

Holistic soil to boost productivity

WESTERN Australia has launched Soil Constraints – West, a flagship initiative bringing together research on a range of farming problems that limit agricultural production.

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